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So, Guide needs security, again. Anyone around tonight would be nice, can tag tomorrow.

Here is the thread. Feel free to tag in.
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So, the Ren fair was so much fun it took me a few days to recover. I could tell you all about it, but I don't have the time this morning. I mean Monday, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I went to bed at like 8PM, if it hadn't been for the workmen behind me leaving the light on all night, I would have slept all the way through. My cats are acting like they haven't seen me in a week, right now, I have an Ink stain on my dress, purring like a purring thing. And I still have to wash my under dress, I wore it all weekend, even to sleep in, and it smells of dirt mainly. Oh the dirt was very dirt like, and there were stickers so I got to wear my converse as I don't have shoes yet. Oh and there was cactus, that got into my legs. Fun thing, I get to do this all again in two weeks or so at the Aztec Celtic Festival.

Now, I need to get going to my exam today.

Anyway, who do I owe tags to?

Oh and here is one of the 4 photos I have from the trip. Look how we pack.
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So, my mom should be out of the hospital today. I called into work Friday, because I did know when she was going to be out, and for some reason I thought today was Thursday. I am so bored I can't stand it right now. My 4G isn't working and my parents broadband is bail faster than dialup. Sorry for 5 he slowtes, the are just some kinds of threads 5 hat are awkward to write while spending time with parents.


Oct. 18th, 2014 11:38 pm
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Your players find themselves in a darkened chamber. It is a large stone cyst lit by torches held by sconces on the walls. There is one wooden door in the chamber. There is a raised platform in the center of the room with an etching inscribed onto it. Resting on top of the etching is a note.
You have been chosen to complete this labyrinth. You must work together to get out. You may die. Good luck, you will need it.

There are niches in the walls filled with many things, rolls of paper, charcoal sticks, flint and steel, ect.
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Because this is the second or third time I have had to do this in chat, I am going to make an entry, possibly sticky that will have some good links, and good books for sewing.

Pattern drafting book on Amazon

Better Homes and Gardens sewing book.

Burda style

Simplicity sewing book <- I have 2 of these from 1969 and 1972 the later one is the better of the two, but you can never have too many sewing books.

More links for sewing

Pattern drafting software site

Costumer's Manafesto - Great sight for those who need to learn. lots of link, tutorials and other good stuff.

strawberry love lots of good stuff here.

Antimony & Lace


Inuyasha doll Some great doll patterns here.

Make your own iron age clothes

Vicus <-- great reenactors page, has a great kit and some good advice.

Kelticos <-- lots of advice here

Weavers hand <-- great resource for those interested in weaving.

Getting started Tablet weaving

Guntram's Tabletweaving Page

Tablet weaving patterns

Tablet weaving links

More on getting started

Tablet weaving gallery links

SCA without breaking the bank

Grey company



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The Count [personal profile] not_that_count 

Wil Ohmsford [personal profile] dont_mention_the_tips 

Vala Maldoran [Bad username or site:   @]
Tegid Tatha [personal profile] penderwydd 

Tasselhoff Burrfoot [personal profile] happy_kender 

and I have had:

The Ghost of Christmas Present,

Todd the Wraith,

Kai Last of the Brunnen G or[personal profile] has_no_future 

Raziel or [personal profile] blue_raz

and I had Hexadecimal for a LONG time. 

Toby from Labyrinth
Courage the Cowardly Dog 

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I don't know. A little less grouchy.
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Look what I found in my closet!

my Silent Hill Skirt.  on Twitpic

gonna wear it tonight to the concert.
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 Sorry guys. If you've been threading with me or trying to get me on chat. I was kinda passed out with a very bad headache. After a good night's sleep I should be raring to go tomorrow, However, I will probably be painting for most of the day. 

This effects anyone threading with  Naruto mainly, ATM and my OOM. 
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I actually had a nice week or so, aside form the over whelming depression, but what can you do about that. Now, I just want a job, or something to do. Something that isn't the computer. I've taken up sleeping, and gardening. Dude I got my bean sprouts to live! I haven't killed them yet! *keeps fingers crossed*.

There is also the weird way my grandmother and I interact when neither of us is getting out. WE are getting on each other's nerves. She's on this declutter thing, that is kinda making me a little panicky. Don't ask me why, it just is. I don't like people messing with my things, even if they aren't doing anything with them.

I got my blue belt in karate at the end of this semester. I didn't expect it, didn't think i was all that ready for it, but I guess Kyoshi Purdue thought that I was. I am now taking classes at the Gojo Ryu Dojo in Belen, and it is a bit different, and a little more formal than the UNM classes I take. I am serious in saying that it took a lot of courage just to go to the first class, cause I don't know anyone, and I'm a bumbling idiot. And by that, I realize that I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!!!! I need to keep in mind, that as soon as I think that I know something, I'm becoming arrogant and should be beat down quickly. I don't like arrogant people, and I don't want to ever be that way. Speaking of arrogant people, I know a kid that is becoming arrogant very quickly and it isn't good.

Man I wish I had a copy of WoW right now and an account. But noooo! I don't have a job.... why is it so hard to get one? Even a Work Study job? I must be bombing in the interviews. Anyone have any tips?

My Japanese is getting better, I am beginning to remember the Hiragana symbols better. I can't wait for the class in Fall. I am taking that and a bunch of upper division Anthro classes. Not sure if I will have any free time at all these next few semesters. But I am slogging on, and will persevere.
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Papa Bill died last night.
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  1. 14 t shirts
  2. 4 pairs of pants
  3. 2 pairs of short pants
  4. 2 long sleeved shirts
  5. 2 hats
  6. 14 pairs of socks
  7. 14 pairs of panties
  8. 3 bras
  9. combat boots
  10. converse shoes
  11. 2 pairs of hiking shoes new and old
  12. one change of leisure clothes
  13. bathrobe
  14. Pajamas
  15. 2 towels
  16. 4 wash cloths
  17. soap
  18. shampoo and conditioner
  19. Tooth brush and toothpaste
  20. sunscreen
  21. bug spray
  22. faces sunscreen
  23. face care stuff
  24. chopstick
  25. deodorant
  26. vitamins
  27. medications
  28. inhalers
  29. shower shoes
  30. first aide kit
  31. pads
  32. teddy bear and doll
  33. pillow cases and 2 pillows(?)
  34. Blanket
  35. sheets and sleeping bag
  36. laundry detergent and softener
  37. collapsible laundry basket.
  38. Archaeology tools
  39. archaeology textbook
  40. Latin books
  41. Bible
  42. 2 fun books
  43. sketch book
  44. art supplies
  45. ruler
  46. Rocks and Minerals book
  47. compass both kinds
  48. knife
  49. cutlery
  50. duct tape
  51. camping box to keep in car
  52. 2 water bottles
  53. batteries and charger
  54. Phone charger
  55. note book and clip board
  56. graph paper
  57. plate
  58. music
  59. magic cards
  60. rat
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I have a few old things to show off. I feel so dumb posting these.

I was a little obsessed with Raziel at this point in time.

My first Animation ever:

yeah I know it's dumb:
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[11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: May I talk to you?
[11:53] *** Auto-response sent to ThrownAwayCoho: kinda here
[11:53] Annalaliath: yes
[11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: ok...
[11:54] ThrownAwayCoho: im gonna guess this is Chase
[11:54] Annalaliath: Chase?
[11:54] Annalaliath: <-- Daniel mun
[11:54] ThrownAwayCoho: ?
[11:54] Annalaliath: you a Miliways mun?
[11:55] ThrownAwayCoho: i have no idea what youre talking about
[11:56] Annalaliath: oh
[11:57] ThrownAwayCoho: how did you get my screen name?
[11:58] Annalaliath: I didn't
[11:58] ThrownAwayCoho: well you clearly did if you have it
[11:59] Annalaliath: well you are not on my contacts list. strange....
[11:59] ThrownAwayCoho: you arent on mine either
[11:59] ThrownAwayCoho: wtf
[11:59] Annalaliath: lol
[12:00] ThrownAwayCoho: im pretty sure this is chase
[12:00] Annalaliath: nope me ro
[12:00] ThrownAwayCoho: only because you have pulled this on me with just about every new screenname
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: ok fine, then what do you want?
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: other than math.
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: because if you actually knew me, you would know better than to ask me something about math
[12:01] Annalaliath: O.o
[12:03] ThrownAwayCoho: ill block this name unless you actually answer the question
[12:03] Annalaliath: dude I am Anna AKA Ro AKA ROsemary
[12:03] Annalaliath: hang on
[12:03] Annalaliath:
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: umm i have to register to see a profile and i really am not interested in iron age studies
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: i still have no idea who you are
[12:05] Annalaliath: see!
[12:05] Annalaliath: well, I must get back to threading and weaving
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: see what?
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: wtf
[12:06] Annalaliath: that I am not this person you think I may be
[12:07] ThrownAwayCoho: great, but unless theres a reason why you messaged me. what is the point of going through all of this. you must be really bored
[12:08] Annalaliath: Quote: [11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: May I talk to you?
[12:08] Annalaliath: that be the first time I ever talked to you
[12:08] ThrownAwayCoho: see, i have never spoken to anyone with that screenname
[12:08] ThrownAwayCoho: i think you have the wrong person
[12:09] Annalaliath: okay
[12:09] Annalaliath: I dont' think you are a bot. So I think this is an issue of a wrong number or screen name
[12:09] ThrownAwayCoho: clearly
[12:10] ThrownAwayCoho: im very sorry that im not who you were looking for. but honestly you come off a little creepy- better luck next time
[12:10] Annalaliath: have a good day


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Well, I need a haircut, again.

I have decided to join the SCA. Why? because it's freaking awesome! I have discovered the Barrowdowns. And I have joined Kelticos. That is a great forum for those of you who are interested in the Iron Age. I really should update some of the links I have on that old post about sewing. And I have been conversing with some of the poeple there.
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I have been working on my garb, it's kinda fun. I have a new cat. He's silly. His name is Tasselhoff Kissyfur Greycat II. Other than that the holidays have kicked my butt to oblivion, and I can't wait for classes to start.

Kyle got a bike for CHristmas! it's funny watching him ride it. I leaned some Tablet weaving this break. It's pretty cool.

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Well, it looks like I should be getting my net back in the near future. This is all due to the fact that my grandmother is having trouble keeping the finances in order, and I can, I just need the current statements up to the day. *headdesks* And then there is homework! Homework is evil! It's like eating my soul ( what hasn't been eaten by Milliways and other things). So, just wanted to let you all know that before I head off to do homework, I am not sure if I am going to stay in the Library or go to the Caf., but either way I will not have access regular like, for a few weeks at most, I hope.

I got a flu shot yesterday, I am so freaking scared of needles is stupid. Other than that I got nothing.
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That's right, I have a new niece! I am so excited! I wonder why they didn't tell me the day she was born, I just found out this weekend. I waited to post the happy till I knew how much she weighed and what her name is. I still need pics. I will call my brother tomorrow to bug him about that. We are not a very close family, but we still love each other.

Her name is Ravyn Coryn-Lee Tibbetts 7lbs 12 ounces. Mom says she's fat and round like I was when I was a baby, and that she has dark hair. Can you tell my brother is a sci-fi geek?

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This is a conversation I had with my friend last night.

[21:28] Annalaliath: my cat had me up at 6AM
[21:29] Annalaliath: and at one point he was purring and drooling on my face
[21:29] adamantiumbat: took awhile but I've trained mine to be as lazy as I am. Only problem is when she wants to snuggle and makes me roll over in the middle of the night.
[21:30] Annalaliath: yes, that's what mine wanted this morning. He was all, "Love me!" and I was all, " as long as you purr and stop stepping on my boobs."
[21:30] Annalaliath: and he was like, "Okay, but feed me later, I'm starving!" And then he flopped down on my arms with his face at a weird angle on mine and got drool on me.
[21:30] Annalaliath: And then it was, "Feed me! "
[21:31] Annalaliath: so I ignored him and went about my morning stuff.
[21:31] Annalaliath: and then I fed the cat and nearly locked him in the garage, again
[21:34] Annalaliath: how is bunny?
[21:35] adamantiumbat: she's good. Having a bath right now *eyes kitteh on floor*


[21:36] Annalaliath: I closed my window cause of the tornado things, don't know where INk is
[21:38] adamantiumbat: he should be back. I know my cats been out in the rain past few days. Comes in all wet and gets on my bed *sighs*
[21:39] Annalaliath: my cat was doing that last night with the rain, He came in and I was drawing on my futon, so I was shuffling papers from one side of the futon to
the other. YOu know cats like to sit on whatever you are working on especially if it's paper.

Yeah, we had 4 tornadoes, or tornado warnings, across the state yesterday!! I know we were under a tornado warning, and we missed it.

"STATE WEATHER - Several severe thunderstorms moved through eastern New Mexico Sunday night. The National Weather Service said they produced large hail and damaging winds, and may even have spawned a few tornadoes. It said Cannon Air Force Base received over an inch of rain, while over 2 inches fell on the east side of Roswell."

aside from that I am excited about school.

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