Jan. 17th, 2009

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[11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: May I talk to you?
[11:53] *** Auto-response sent to ThrownAwayCoho: kinda here
[11:53] Annalaliath: yes
[11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: ok...
[11:54] ThrownAwayCoho: im gonna guess this is Chase
[11:54] Annalaliath: Chase?
[11:54] Annalaliath: <-- Daniel mun
[11:54] ThrownAwayCoho: ?
[11:54] Annalaliath: you a Miliways mun?
[11:55] ThrownAwayCoho: i have no idea what youre talking about
[11:56] Annalaliath: oh
[11:57] ThrownAwayCoho: how did you get my screen name?
[11:58] Annalaliath: I didn't
[11:58] ThrownAwayCoho: well you clearly did if you have it
[11:59] Annalaliath: well you are not on my contacts list. strange....
[11:59] ThrownAwayCoho: you arent on mine either
[11:59] ThrownAwayCoho: wtf
[11:59] Annalaliath: lol
[12:00] ThrownAwayCoho: im pretty sure this is chase
[12:00] Annalaliath: nope me ro
[12:00] ThrownAwayCoho: only because you have pulled this on me with just about every new screenname
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: ok fine, then what do you want?
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: other than math.
[12:01] ThrownAwayCoho: because if you actually knew me, you would know better than to ask me something about math
[12:01] Annalaliath: O.o
[12:03] ThrownAwayCoho: ill block this name unless you actually answer the question
[12:03] Annalaliath: dude I am Anna AKA Ro AKA ROsemary
[12:03] Annalaliath: hang on
[12:03] Annalaliath: http://www.kelticos.org/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=307
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: umm i have to register to see a profile and i really am not interested in iron age studies
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: i still have no idea who you are
[12:05] Annalaliath: see!
[12:05] Annalaliath: well, I must get back to threading and weaving
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: see what?
[12:05] ThrownAwayCoho: wtf
[12:06] Annalaliath: that I am not this person you think I may be
[12:07] ThrownAwayCoho: great, but unless theres a reason why you messaged me. what is the point of going through all of this. you must be really bored
[12:08] Annalaliath: Quote: [11:53] ThrownAwayCoho: May I talk to you?
[12:08] Annalaliath: that be the first time I ever talked to you
[12:08] ThrownAwayCoho: see, i have never spoken to anyone with that screenname
[12:08] ThrownAwayCoho: i think you have the wrong person
[12:09] Annalaliath: okay
[12:09] Annalaliath: I dont' think you are a bot. So I think this is an issue of a wrong number or screen name
[12:09] ThrownAwayCoho: clearly
[12:10] ThrownAwayCoho: im very sorry that im not who you were looking for. but honestly you come off a little creepy- better luck next time
[12:10] Annalaliath: have a good day


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