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2008-07-07 04:51 pm
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allergies are evil.

At least I think it is allergies. I should start blogging my doll that I am working on. I will, just right now I feel so sick it's pathetic. I might go back to sleep.

Collars are evil little bastards. I have been fighting with one for the last 2 days. I will eventually learn how to make one correctly. Aside from that the sleeves on Alucard's coat are too long, and his boots look like shit.

*snuggles up with Ink*

Oh, and the Wallie, the movie, was wonderful! I went to see it with Lena, and Kyle. We all had a great time. I was not sure how Lena and Kyle would get on together, as she's not a kid person, and he's 7, but they got on like to peas in a pod. He loves her!!! I do too, but then she's one of my Friends( not like how we call those people that are really acquaintances friends). Anyway, I can't decide on vid games to watch now, oh my brothers and fellow bloggers, I have 3 I have the desire to play, and only one can be played at a time. Sorry, I watched Clockwork Orange the other day too. Oh, and Death at a Funeral, is the funniest damned movie I have seen in a long time.

It might rain, if this is allergies, i hope it does.

*hugs everyone and falls over to pass out*

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