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Because this is the second or third time I have had to do this in chat, I am going to make an entry, possibly sticky that will have some good links, and good books for sewing.

Pattern drafting book on Amazon

Better Homes and Gardens sewing book.

Burda style

Simplicity sewing book <- I have 2 of these from 1969 and 1972 the later one is the better of the two, but you can never have too many sewing books.

More links for sewing

Pattern drafting software site

Costumer's Manafesto - Great sight for those who need to learn. lots of link, tutorials and other good stuff.

strawberry love lots of good stuff here.

Antimony & Lace


Inuyasha doll Some great doll patterns here.

Make your own iron age clothes

Vicus <-- great reenactors page, has a great kit and some good advice.

Kelticos <-- lots of advice here

Weavers hand <-- great resource for those interested in weaving.

Getting started Tablet weaving

Guntram's Tabletweaving Page

Tablet weaving patterns

Tablet weaving links

More on getting started

Tablet weaving gallery links

SCA without breaking the bank

Grey company



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Well, I need a haircut, again.

I have decided to join the SCA. Why? because it's freaking awesome! I have discovered the Barrowdowns. And I have joined Kelticos. That is a great forum for those of you who are interested in the Iron Age. I really should update some of the links I have on that old post about sewing. And I have been conversing with some of the poeple there.
... )

I have been working on my garb, it's kinda fun. I have a new cat. He's silly. His name is Tasselhoff Kissyfur Greycat II. Other than that the holidays have kicked my butt to oblivion, and I can't wait for classes to start.

Kyle got a bike for CHristmas! it's funny watching him ride it. I leaned some Tablet weaving this break. It's pretty cool.

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