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okay my grandmother's uncle died last sat. his funeral was on wed. and Granny broght back this great quote from him.

"You can have a big party to celebrate my departure as far as I'm concerned. I'm out of here! It was quite an adventure...."

Elwen S. Ridinger

I love that. I personally don't want people moping when I die, I wanna have them be happy for me. Anyway, that's what I think should happen with most people, when they die. We, as humans, and Americans, treat death way too seriously. I mean, isn't it great that the dead are not here anymore, and in a better place than this shit hole. I mean I hate this world, and I am looking forward to the time I die. Therefore, I can't feel too bad for those that die.

I guess a lot of this damned grief is from those that feel they have 'lost' something. Mainly their friend, family, or loved one. Whatever, you should be glad they aren't suffering anymore. Quit being selfish and Celebrate their departure!!!!! Celebrate their life, I mean come on! THey had a great life, and they are moving on towards who know's what. Death is the last great adventure. We seem to forget this when we are in the trows of grief. Grief in and of itself is a selfish act, I think.


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