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Well, I need a haircut, again.

I have decided to join the SCA. Why? because it's freaking awesome! I have discovered the Barrowdowns. And I have joined Kelticos. That is a great forum for those of you who are interested in the Iron Age. I really should update some of the links I have on that old post about sewing. And I have been conversing with some of the poeple there.
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I have been working on my garb, it's kinda fun. I have a new cat. He's silly. His name is Tasselhoff Kissyfur Greycat II. Other than that the holidays have kicked my butt to oblivion, and I can't wait for classes to start.

Kyle got a bike for CHristmas! it's funny watching him ride it. I leaned some Tablet weaving this break. It's pretty cool.

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This is a conversation I had with my friend last night.

[21:28] Annalaliath: my cat had me up at 6AM
[21:29] Annalaliath: and at one point he was purring and drooling on my face
[21:29] adamantiumbat: took awhile but I've trained mine to be as lazy as I am. Only problem is when she wants to snuggle and makes me roll over in the middle of the night.
[21:30] Annalaliath: yes, that's what mine wanted this morning. He was all, "Love me!" and I was all, " as long as you purr and stop stepping on my boobs."
[21:30] Annalaliath: and he was like, "Okay, but feed me later, I'm starving!" And then he flopped down on my arms with his face at a weird angle on mine and got drool on me.
[21:30] Annalaliath: And then it was, "Feed me! "
[21:31] Annalaliath: so I ignored him and went about my morning stuff.
[21:31] Annalaliath: and then I fed the cat and nearly locked him in the garage, again
[21:34] Annalaliath: how is bunny?
[21:35] adamantiumbat: she's good. Having a bath right now *eyes kitteh on floor*


[21:36] Annalaliath: I closed my window cause of the tornado things, don't know where INk is
[21:38] adamantiumbat: he should be back. I know my cats been out in the rain past few days. Comes in all wet and gets on my bed *sighs*
[21:39] Annalaliath: my cat was doing that last night with the rain, He came in and I was drawing on my futon, so I was shuffling papers from one side of the futon to
the other. YOu know cats like to sit on whatever you are working on especially if it's paper.

Yeah, we had 4 tornadoes, or tornado warnings, across the state yesterday!! I know we were under a tornado warning, and we missed it.

"STATE WEATHER - Several severe thunderstorms moved through eastern New Mexico Sunday night. The National Weather Service said they produced large hail and damaging winds, and may even have spawned a few tornadoes. It said Cannon Air Force Base received over an inch of rain, while over 2 inches fell on the east side of Roswell."

aside from that I am excited about school.

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