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For those of you that were threading with me, i must apologize for falling asleep.

heh, Warf mun, I am sorry but I was running two threads with you [personal profile] diehard_danieland [personal profile] flail_victoria. I would have pinged ya, but I don't know what your AIM handle is. Speaking of threads with Warf, mind if I send Todd the Wraith, [profile] shakemy_hand his way? and Rem.

anyone threading with [personal profile] shinigami_rem too.

you shoulda seen it, my ktty and I were cuddled together....

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Shut up I got bored.

I always thought he was the type to sit around with his buddies with a guitar and some munchies.....

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Jul. 9th, 2008 06:30 pm
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Geeze!!! Why is it that half the people I talk to think that Anthropology is a good idea and the others tell me it's bad? I mean, I have thought it out you bastards!!!!

Well, I am working on financial aide. I have an interview at school for a work study position. I hope I can land it, get my family off my back. I am honestly trying to get my life together. I have been going to bed very early and waking up all kidnda of early too.

Oh crap I left the apple butter next door!!! DmanIT!

I guess I should run over.

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At least I think it is allergies. I should start blogging my doll that I am working on. I will, just right now I feel so sick it's pathetic. I might go back to sleep.

Collars are evil little bastards. I have been fighting with one for the last 2 days. I will eventually learn how to make one correctly. Aside from that the sleeves on Alucard's coat are too long, and his boots look like shit.

*snuggles up with Ink*

Oh, and the Wallie, the movie, was wonderful! I went to see it with Lena, and Kyle. We all had a great time. I was not sure how Lena and Kyle would get on together, as she's not a kid person, and he's 7, but they got on like to peas in a pod. He loves her!!! I do too, but then she's one of my Friends( not like how we call those people that are really acquaintances friends). Anyway, I can't decide on vid games to watch now, oh my brothers and fellow bloggers, I have 3 I have the desire to play, and only one can be played at a time. Sorry, I watched Clockwork Orange the other day too. Oh, and Death at a Funeral, is the funniest damned movie I have seen in a long time.

It might rain, if this is allergies, i hope it does.

*hugs everyone and falls over to pass out*

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Yeah, I am one of the muns in [community profile] milliways_bar. I wish sometimes, that I could go there and take a break from my life.! God it's crazy.

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Well, I joined the Gaelic singers group in Alb. It's so far interesting I am rather embarrassed. Why am I the only person my age interested in this?

this is gonna be fun. I am gonna be practicing the music everyday, and I also plan on learning Welsh and maybe Gaelic as well. So, i will have a few study times a day. Woot!
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It was so much fun. We have this kinda sand like beach sand around here, so it's more sandy than muddy. Kyle and I had a lot of fun with it. It's not everyday that I get down and dirty and make small lakes in the back yard.

My plants are now potted. I hope they grow. I planted like 6 kinds of flowers, thyme, and basil.

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okay my grandmother's uncle died last sat. his funeral was on wed. and Granny broght back this great quote from him.

"You can have a big party to celebrate my departure as far as I'm concerned. I'm out of here! It was quite an adventure...."

Elwen S. Ridinger

I love that. I personally don't want people moping when I die, I wanna have them be happy for me. Anyway, that's what I think should happen with most people, when they die. We, as humans, and Americans, treat death way too seriously. I mean, isn't it great that the dead are not here anymore, and in a better place than this shit hole. I mean I hate this world, and I am looking forward to the time I die. Therefore, I can't feel too bad for those that die.

I guess a lot of this damned grief is from those that feel they have 'lost' something. Mainly their friend, family, or loved one. Whatever, you should be glad they aren't suffering anymore. Quit being selfish and Celebrate their departure!!!!! Celebrate their life, I mean come on! THey had a great life, and they are moving on towards who know's what. Death is the last great adventure. We seem to forget this when we are in the trows of grief. Grief in and of itself is a selfish act, I think.
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HA!!! THis life is driving me nuts! Well, actually it's not that bad. Life is just more complicated than I would like it to be. I mean Uncle Elwin, my grandmother's uncle, just died on Saturday. I don't know what to do, i feel a little sad, but I am not overwhelmed with grief or anything. I think I passed my mid term on Thursday, I had it working nice, and it was giving all the correct answers in a nice format. I have so much homework that I might just die, and i have to go get a kid in like 5 minutes from school and take care of him this weekend. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO DO HOMEWORK WITH A KID PLAYING VIDEO GAMES IN THE SAME ROOM???? It almost doesn't happen. Hopefully I can get some of the Palendrome program done today. I think I will have Kyle come over here after I go to the store. OH geez i gotta take a kid to the store!!! It's not bad to take a kid to the store it's just a little disconcerting when they go completely crazy. Not to mention that this one is gonna want to buy everything in the store, he does not understand the value of money, or the fact that our family does not have that much. I love my little cousin, it's like having a little brother.

Okay I will finish this entry after I get back from the store and picking up of Kyle.


And i need to put up a list of all my pups for [ profile] milliways
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Ha! I have been listening to this great sermon from Mars Hill Church! It's great. 
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I am real mad at my family. I wish they would grow a freaking brain!!!! or Brains... ANyway, it's all about money.. Go figure.

I am sooo mad I don't know what to do.

P is mad at Granny and granny is mad at who knows what, and it's all about Bill, and money... and I kinda agree with P about some things but I love my grandmother. I don't wanna loose Paulette as a friend or Kyle, but I fear I will because of my relation to Granny...

[18:34] F: if the situation is as you laid out then she's in the wrong and will just cost herself money
[18:34] Annalaliath: it's more complicated than that
[18:35] F: it usually is
[18:36] Annalaliath: and I love them both but it's hard to act
[18:36] Annalaliath: I mean my granny should stop telling people.
[18:36] F: how much of it is your responsibility?
[18:37] Annalaliath: none of it... but I am still in the middle, trying to keep the peace... or at least trying to stay out of the crossfire
[18:38] F: which is never a good place, it sounds like in the end finding a neutral person to help deal with things who's not in the family might help
[18:39] Annalaliath: yeah but the pastor is not the guy
[18:39] Annalaliath: *strokes imaginary beard*


Feb. 26th, 2007 10:18 pm
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The Red Pyramid head thing by *annalalaith on deviantART

um yeah i guess people like that version of Pyramid head, i am working on another one in my big sketch book, Its fun, and it's in colored pencil too. i will see if i can get a digi cam so i can get a pic of it.

Pyramid Head by *xSHUGA on deviantART

oh BTW if anyone wants a damned commission just let me know and we can work it out as i need food and comic book money, and art supplies as well. yeah note me or email me at and PLEASE put commission in the subject. If you know me personally and have my phone number we can talk over that and in person.


Jan. 18th, 2007 11:28 am
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Been thinking about regret. the strange thing is that I don't feel bad about some things that other people regret, but what keeps me up at night is one thing. And boy is it a stupid one. It started with a comment that went wrong. I mean sometimes I don't know how to say things, or at least when that happened I didn't. Since then I don't comment on this persons stuff, I still lurk mainly because I am curious, and I still wish I could talk to this person without getting my head torn off, but then again I would rather spare this person the annoyance. God, I am such an idiot. Talk about an ID10T error, lol. Yeah, I tend to think about this all the damn time, well that and a few other things that have happened. I just don't remember them, I tend to do a ton of thinking when I drive.

I feel that I talk too much, I mean too much. I also, feel stupid most of the time, this was thrown into stark relief the other day when I was talking to someone I know from high school. The kid was only in my freshman English class and he was 13!!! he went to college at the age of 16 and is scary smart. Talking to him made me realize how truly dumb I am. I mean Celia is scary smart, and this guy is sooooo smart that it's nearly sickening, but he is a good guy. So, I am going to take my stupid self and drink my coffee and think about regret and get ready for work.

Ro! aka Anna


Jan. 7th, 2007 04:08 pm
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Chris and i are now " just friends." I am now just more shocked than anything. It's going to be okay, I mean it's not too bad, I just don't know. I start crying sometimes. i don't know if it's because i feel bad or if it's because I haven’t had meds in a few days. It could be all of that combined with the stress of work, Chris, and the family life.

I could go into all the crap with my family, I mean my Mother is still trying to figure out why I don't get along with a lot of other people. She's been trying to figure that out for years and putting a diagnosis on me. I hate that, why can't I just be myself. I want my parents just to be happy with me, just the way I am. My father is the one who does, well kinda. The thing is, is that he overreacts to things. I hate that. Both of them do that. I just want to be myself around people too.

I mean from that is that I don’t want to have to act different around people. I do this to keep them from calling the “ charming young men in their clean white coats.” I mean why do I have to hide MOST of the crazy just to be on the fringes of society. I would rather be myself, doing what I want, what I do, and not worry about weather or not people care. That is why I hang with Audrey and Celina, they let me be my crazy neurotic self.

I hate the people at work, it’s got a high school mentality. I hated high school! People wonder why I never want to go back, just look around the place that I work. Aside from that there are people there that are too loud, I have had to turn around and tell people to shut up because I couldn’t hear someone on the phone. Yes, I work in a call center. It’s not as bad a retail, but the people that I work with, well some of them anyway, are idiots. I said this out loud to Celina yesterday in the break room. That’s when I had a break down. It was nice to let out all the crap I’ve been stuffing.


Nov. 25th, 2006 11:47 am
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hey guys,

well, yesterday i woke up at 4 am and then basically went nuts the rest of the day. At least i have clean clothing, $10 later. I miss having washer. I just got the Ultimate spidy #7 and #8, but i think i need to read number 6, hey celena i need to read number 6, i think can i borrow it. You know me i read so fast i get done with them at work . lol I hope work isn't so bad today as it was yesterday. I mean we got call after call after call after call, and i could hardly keep up, what with my delirious mind, and how stupid most of the calls were. OMG i had a lady get mad at me over region codes, like i could do anything about it! I mean what am i supposed to do tell her it's fine to put in a mod chip, and all that crap.

BTW mod chips are illegal, any asshole who tells you it's fine to put one in your ps2 is lying, don't do it it will fuck your ps2 over in the end.

aside from that i am learning about hands again. i hate drawing hands. they are evil. well that's just because i don't have much experience with them.

WoW update : i have started an alliance character! OMG i can't believe i just said that. I mean ALLIANCE!!!!!! i hate them. i only did it cause my boy friend has one and you know i want to spend at least a little time with him even if it's not really with him, just killing things around WoW.

random pic of the day:

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Nov. 18th, 2006 11:06 pm
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Ghost Rider is actually pretty good. Considering the time in which it was written, I like it. I hate the goody two shoes guys but this guy is a little bit of a rebble, who happens to save himself and his girlfriend a lot.

Gloom Cookie is turnig out to be quit interesting I love this one! The only thing about indi comics is that they take forever to come out. But I can’t wait for the graphic novels to get out so I can loan the rest of the series out.

Nightmares and fairytales is another great comic, written by the same lady who writes for Gloom Cookie. It’s a bit weird, but hey I like it. I found it one day at the comic shop, I was so board, so I was looking around and found this indi comic that was just sitting there, nearly all the issues, so I bought them, had to get the bags and boards too, and I loved them. So, I am looking forward to the next issue. January why won’t you get here faster….

I am also reading Wolverine Origins, not the origins, but the one where he gets him memories back. Yeah, that one is getting pretty interesting. But it may be a little bit confusig if you havn’t read issues 1-5.

I discovered Claws, I have read the first issue, I need #2 because I like reading about people insulting Wolvy.

I have also discovered Astonishing x men. Not bad. Especially when Wolvy got smacked in the head with a can of beer in the last issue.

Ultimate Spider man. Has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read aside from foxtrot.

Wolverine Snkt was good, I loved to art too. It was a little over looked I believe because the Snkt Wolvy was drawn in the manga style. Story line is a little whacked out kinda reminds me of a serious flcl.

Hellsing is the manga I have been reading. It is uber cool. I been reading it for the past year or so. WHEN IS NUMBER 9 GONNA BE OUT?!!!!
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welcome to the mad party.

sadly and finally $5 reward has broken up.

but Audrey isn't sad. I am not either. I never liked Zane..... >.>

I was gonna have some roommates but crap happens. I am gonna have a cat. I didn't want to have to deal with any one with cat allergies so i am by myself. I don't have my internet up yet because i just moved in. OMG i can barely move i am so sore. but anyway, i am in. Anyone who knows me can come over and hang out. I am thinking house warming either this Sunday or saterday. I don't have alot of stuff so it's not going to take long to unpack.

that apartment is huge for just one person! it's just a one bedroom but it is still really big. I mean it's like wow! when i get my dad's camera over there i will see about getting some pics. Speaking of pics i need to get up some paintings that were donated. I think I have at least 5 or 6 that need to be hung frame wise, and more that aren't framed. the later are those done by me or bought by me. next i need some more furniture i don't have much in the way of chairs. I also could use some more glasses and cups, forks, spoons, and other such utensils. I also don't have a coffee maker, yarggggggg. talk about hard. I might go get one on friday when i get paid. aside from all of this i have work. lol

have a great time. talk to you all later,
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I am getting ready for the test today. Not all that worried about it. I liked my pay check! OMG! it was pretty cool. dude! anyaway, I am working on getting a sewing machine for a change. Man, I need one of those!

my cousins are comming into town next week. havn't been able to figure out want to get those damned kids. well, I can't wait to meet them! I got some black and orange teddy bears for them and then i remembered that Adam is 7 and a boy. so, i went and bauhgt him a collectable comic book. Today i got $10 in coins. susan b anthony, such. Gonna give them those too. I want to be the weird old cousin of their dad's that they always want to come and hang out with. I am so excited I havn't seen my cousin John in about 8 years. Yes, that was when adam was in the womb. I am so exited!!!! well, I can't wait to meet the kids. I wonder what I should do for John and Leatha. Gotta think about that one.

the new job is fun and jorden is a dork..... there are some girls in this class( i know who they are) who have a crush on him!!! OMG! It's so obvious! and they don't want me telling him. lol i have black mail material! lol.

dude the South Park episode make love not warcraft was so funny!!!!!!!! lol.
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This is a neat idea, theory or what ever it is. the idea that everything is interconnected. This has been dawning on me for awhile now. There are no coincidences. The idea of Indra's Net.

"'The theory of interdependence allows us to develop a wider perspective,' the Dalai Lama said. ' With wider mind, less attachment to destructive emotions like anger, therefore more forgiveness. In today’s world, every nation heavily interdependent, interconnected. Under these circumstances, destroying your enemy -- your neighbor-- means destroying yourself in the long run. You need your neighbor. More prosperity in your neighbor, you'll get benefit.
“’ Now, we’re not talking about the complete removal of feelings like anger, attachment, or pride. Just the reduction. Interdependence is important because it is not a mere concept; it can actually help reduce suffering caused by these destructive emotions.
“’We can say the theory of interdependence is an understanding of reality,’ the Dalai Lama continued. ‘ We understand that our future depends on global well-being. Having this view-point reduces narrow-mindedness. With narrow mind, more likely to develop attachment, hatred. I think this is the best thing about the theory of interdependence-- it is an explanation of the law of nature. It affect proudly, for example the environment.’

“ Interdependence is a fundamental principle in both Buddhism and ecology. The core belief is that all things are connected in some unfathomable but tangible way. Ultimately, all things are dependent on one another. We are all enmeshed in Indra’s Net.” (His Holiness The Dalai lama And Victor Chan. The Wisdom of Forgiveness. Intimate Conversations and Journeys. New York: Riverbed Books,2004.)

I found this to reverberate with me. I don’t know why. But it seems that all things are connected. And they are connected in such a way that the smallest things can effect everything on earth. Isn’t that cool?


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