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I actually had a nice week or so, aside form the over whelming depression, but what can you do about that. Now, I just want a job, or something to do. Something that isn't the computer. I've taken up sleeping, and gardening. Dude I got my bean sprouts to live! I haven't killed them yet! *keeps fingers crossed*.

There is also the weird way my grandmother and I interact when neither of us is getting out. WE are getting on each other's nerves. She's on this declutter thing, that is kinda making me a little panicky. Don't ask me why, it just is. I don't like people messing with my things, even if they aren't doing anything with them.

I got my blue belt in karate at the end of this semester. I didn't expect it, didn't think i was all that ready for it, but I guess Kyoshi Purdue thought that I was. I am now taking classes at the Gojo Ryu Dojo in Belen, and it is a bit different, and a little more formal than the UNM classes I take. I am serious in saying that it took a lot of courage just to go to the first class, cause I don't know anyone, and I'm a bumbling idiot. And by that, I realize that I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!!!! I need to keep in mind, that as soon as I think that I know something, I'm becoming arrogant and should be beat down quickly. I don't like arrogant people, and I don't want to ever be that way. Speaking of arrogant people, I know a kid that is becoming arrogant very quickly and it isn't good.

Man I wish I had a copy of WoW right now and an account. But noooo! I don't have a job.... why is it so hard to get one? Even a Work Study job? I must be bombing in the interviews. Anyone have any tips?

My Japanese is getting better, I am beginning to remember the Hiragana symbols better. I can't wait for the class in Fall. I am taking that and a bunch of upper division Anthro classes. Not sure if I will have any free time at all these next few semesters. But I am slogging on, and will persevere.
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