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Well, I need a haircut, again.

I have decided to join the SCA. Why? because it's freaking awesome! I have discovered the Barrowdowns. And I have joined Kelticos. That is a great forum for those of you who are interested in the Iron Age. I really should update some of the links I have on that old post about sewing. And I have been conversing with some of the poeple there.
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But New Mexico is entirely land locked. We are like totally land people. No seriously, its true, we have a few lakes and whatnot and a stupid river that almost never has water.

My mother is a Blevins.

I read some Stephen R. Lawhead as a kid and fell in love with the Iron Age. Not just that I also am a fan of a few other books that are set or have some weird connection to it. And I also have to blame my mother for the interest as well. And the general fact that I have always been a little weird. I mean I tried teaching myself Latin when I was 12, didn't work.

I have also, always loved sewing. I blame mom for that too. She is a nut, and is always encouraging this kind of thing. She taught me how to sew, and from there I have taught myself quite a bit about pattern drafting and other things. One cannot have too many books about anything. I inherited some leather working tools from my grandfather, well I borrowed them when I was a kid and then he died, so I kept them. Mom has been trying to steel them for years. I actually have used some of them. I am not very good with leather just yet. I mean not as good as my sewing is. I finally got a sewing machine a year ago, before that I was hand sewing and using my grandmother's old Singer Featherweight from the early 50's- you know the kind that can pull your arm off when you try to pick it up. Brb I need to go help my step-grandpa(he's nice, and funny, and kinda dementia like) hehe that was great! he doesn't know what a high five is off the bat. Anyway, I am working on a costume, I am using what I can get locally, which sucks cause I am being forced to use Cotton. *dies* Grrrr. Anyway, that's what I can get. I don't do a lot of buying of things online, except for school books, and that's because I don't have money most of the time. So far I have most of my tunic done, and I need to get the rest finished. I was very lucky the other day at the thrift store because I found a piece of wool tartan fabric, and it's not a print either. It's the good kind, like the scarf that I have that is either Douglas or Morgan, can't remember. Now, the shoes are the thing that I am really obsessing over at the moment. My granny thinks I should use moccasins, and I am like No! I am pushing it using cotton.

Yes I live with my grandparents. I am going to school for my bachelor's. Don't know if I am going for my BA in Anthropology or Archeology, or a BS( no pun intended). I also, am here to help out with the chores and the grandparents. It's great its like having 80 year old children. My grandmother is not so bad, she's just pessimistic. Yesterday I told her to stop talking for a few minutes and say one thing positive. And then there are the cats. They love to play with my projects, especially when it includes large sharp objects.

I also, have an Iron Age character in Milliways_bar, he's from one of Lawhead's books. He is one of my favorite characters. Long live the Bards. He is also now addicted to Chocolate, as Milliways is a pan dimensional bar, and potatoes. He is terrified of guns, he passed out when Agent K was blowing up demon bunnies. He has some PTSD from a plot from a while back because of some dreams that nearly killed him. He's got scares from those. He can finally go back into the infirmary. I am running a plot with a friend of mine, and its been going on for about a year or so, and Tegid has been stuck in the bar since. I hope to get that done soon.<-- that would be his journal.

I love Foamy.

Anyway sorry for such a long response. I am kinda doing NOTHING right now.<-- Lawhead's site.
PM from me to someone else.

I have been working on my garb, it's kinda fun. I have a new cat. He's silly. His name is Tasselhoff Kissyfur Greycat II. Other than that the holidays have kicked my butt to oblivion, and I can't wait for classes to start.

Kyle got a bike for CHristmas! it's funny watching him ride it. I leaned some Tablet weaving this break. It's pretty cool.

Now playing: Pink Floyd - Sysyphus, Pt. 1
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