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So, the Ren fair was so much fun it took me a few days to recover. I could tell you all about it, but I don't have the time this morning. I mean Monday, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I went to bed at like 8PM, if it hadn't been for the workmen behind me leaving the light on all night, I would have slept all the way through. My cats are acting like they haven't seen me in a week, right now, I have an Ink stain on my dress, purring like a purring thing. And I still have to wash my under dress, I wore it all weekend, even to sleep in, and it smells of dirt mainly. Oh the dirt was very dirt like, and there were stickers so I got to wear my converse as I don't have shoes yet. Oh and there was cactus, that got into my legs. Fun thing, I get to do this all again in two weeks or so at the Aztec Celtic Festival.

Now, I need to get going to my exam today.

Anyway, who do I owe tags to?

Oh and here is one of the 4 photos I have from the trip. Look how we pack.

 photo 20150920_182038.jpg

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